Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sad Baby!

My poor little Jack has horrible Acid Reflux. Last night he cried for 6 hours in pain! He is on his max dose of meds for reflux, zantac in the morning and prevacid at night. The meds still don't fix it though. It is so heart breaking and sad to see my baby in pain and not be able to do anything to make it better. He is also such a strong baby, as soon as he has a break in the pain he is all smiles! We are going to a specialist ENT today to see what else we can do to help my little man. I'm hoping this is something he will just grow out of. I can't believe how much I love him! We are so blessed to have this little angle in our home. I pray that he gets better soon and can hopefully start sleeping at night. Here is a picture of my baby when he is happy! I just love him so much, there really are no words to describe this kind of love. He makes one cute Jack Skellington, I think he lovesHalloween just as much as his mom!


Katie Webb said...

Poor guy. I hope it doesn't last much longer!

Brad and Amber said...

So sad. Keep us updated on how he is doing. Love you and miss you guys!